Are You Trying To Lose Weight But Getting Frustrated At Your Results?

Are you fed up of yo-yo dieting? Do you often times find yourself demotivated after stepping onto the scales? Then please do me a favour and THROW AWAY YOUR SCALES – YES!! I want you too: bin, burn, crush, break, distroy your scales however you see fit. It is a thing of the past and is only useful to keep a DISTANT eye on. When you start any new program your body goes through numerous changes so basing the success or failure of all your effort and hard work on the number on the scales alone is a fool proof recipe for disaster. This is why most people don’t stick to a plan, if I don’t see the numbers changing on the scales then whats the point right!?


Heres Why You Should Stop Weighing Yourself

1. Water can fluctuate your weight up and down.
Have you ever followed a diet and exercise plan and could sware you did everything right but you step on the scales at the end of the week and there’s little or no change? Frustrating right!? Before you give up consider this, your fluid levels fluctuate based on your bodies needs so stop basing your goals on the weighing scales alone.

2. It only measures body weight.
Emm. You already knew that right? Heres the problem:

Losing weight doesn’t always mean you’re losing fat. You could actually be losing water or more importantly lean muscle mass, this can slowly decreases your metabolism over time, making it more difficult to achieve your ideal physique. That’s why it’s more important to measure body fat as it’s your body fat content that defines your body shape not your weight. (You can have 2 people who both weigh 10 stone yet they look completely different, this is due to body fat %)

3. Fat days are inevitable.
Do I really need to explain that? It is unrealistic to be perfect all of the time. In fact perfection is downright impossible so here it is: If you are a ‘scales’ user and you are on a ‘diet’ or ‘exercise’ plan, how motivated do you feel after stepping up on the scales after a ‘fat day’? From my experience working with clients, that number on the scales can have a profound effect on whether you continue with a plan or give up.

4. It is an inaccurate reflection of your body.
There’s is more going on within your body when you make the changes to a healthier you. If you are eating healthier, exercising more, sleeping better, drinking more water, have increased energy levels and have an overall good feeling about yourself then please let me inform you that your weighing scales is NOT going to give you this kind of information. It is only going to say ‘Hi……. You will be in a good mood today because you are down 4lbs, or it will say, Hi….. So sorry to let you know but your day is now ruined bwcause you are up 4lbs. Sorry!

5. Self Esteem & Self Image
This for me is the most important. We are bombarded everywhere we go about body image, weight, how we look ect ect… and here’s the thing’ if you are a fully confident, self assured, love the skin your in, like a boss kind of persons then perhaps stepping on the scales on a weekly basis does not effect or alter your mood in any way to that I say go for it (although it’s still not an accurate account of your overall health) to the majority of us out there’ Please throw your scales away if only for this one reason alone: If stepping on the scales and letting a number define the kind of day sometimes week or months you are going to have then you need to STOP doing it.

If I don’t weigh myself then what do I do? I hear ya’ so you want to keep some sort of track on how your progressing and this is a good thing. There are so many options that can help keep you focused.


What You Can Do To Track Your Progress:

1. If you have a trainer let them track it for you so don’t have to stress over it.
2. Hang up that dress or pair of jeans that you want to wear somewhere in your house that you will see daily. This will help you visualise your goal.
3. Do body measurements with a tape for your arms, chest, hips, stomach, legs. You will see an increase or drop in size through measurements.
4. Take a picture of yourself as a before and after for motivation.
5. Listen to your body, note when your feeling good, sleeping better, enjoying the energy boost, you have worked for it so enjoy it.


Let’s start creating a healthy relationship with ourselves and how we view our bodies, understanding and feeling the benefits of the changes and effort we put in and recognise it is OK not to be perfect because perfect does not exist. Love the skin your in. Thanks for taking time out to read my tips on why we should all burn the scales. I hope it was helpful.



The Secret To Staying Fit & Healthy

Hello Lovelies!!!

I can’t believe how quick this year has gone by. It’s only 6 weeks to Christmas, almost LBD time!!!

So lets just jump straight in so I can tell you ‘How to lose weight and get the body you have always wanted’

Below Are My Top 5 Tips To Achieving That Amazing Body:

1. Motivation
2. Commitment
3. Consistency
4. Determination
5. Goal Setting

Ok…… So your probably wondering why ‘DIET’ & ‘EXERCISE’ didn’t feature in my top 5 tips and that’s because without me telling you, you already know they are important. You see, the pitfalls most people come across are not eating a healthy breakfast or a healthy dinner but eating a healthy breakfast or dinner for a CONSISTENT period of time. We can all go out for a walk/run/fitness class for a week but are you COMMITTED to completing regular exercise week in week out? That is usually the problem or where we go off track.


So…. If we can recognise the problems, triggers and pitfalls and begin to understand our own personal strengths and weaknesses when it comes to sticking with or dealing with anything then we can start to learn how to BALANCE our needs, goals and wants and start to fit things in around our busy lifestyles.


Sounds oh so simple right!? ☺ Well I am here to tell you it is. Even the busiest of you out there can do it. The Hard Workers, The Mammy’s, The Dog Owners, The Daddies, The Shift Workers, The Doctors & Nurses, The Sales Folk and The Taxi Drivers! Yes.! Everyone can live a life of great balance if you simply stop to learn the right tools to help you in the direction you are looking to go which is of course – FORWARD! Having worked in the fitness industry for over 10 years I have had the pleasure in helping so many people find, achieve and smash the mind & body goals they have been trying to attain. I truly feel blessed that my career is my passion and thankfully I love what I do. 💖


So what is the secret to staying fit and healthy and achieving all the things you want to achieve…….?

1. Have a clear cut vision/goal of what you want to achieve

2. Break down your goal into bite sized chunks

3. Tell others about your goal to hold yourself accountable

4. Don’t fear failure, it’s ok to fail, it’s not ok to never try

5. Surround yourself with positive people on the same journey

Watch out for my massive Online Home Fitness Plan coming soon…. wpid-1447235562600.jpg



How To Get The Perfect Abs

Can you get the flat stomach or 6 pack abs you always dreamed of by just doing stomach exercises alone? The answer simply put is ‘No’ however there are exercises you can do to help strengthen and define the abdominal/core muscles. 

The most popular question I get asked by people attending my fitness classes or while personal training is how can I get a flat stomach or 6 pack abs? It is the goal that most people out there are striving/stressing/wishing to achieve but also find the most difficult to attain.


There is so much information out there these days that it can become so overwhelming and confusing that the phrase “analysis – paralysis” springs to mind. What diet should I follow!? Atkins/Mediterranean/Paleo!? How much is too much? High protein or high carbs? The list goes on…..! So listen up, I am about to reveal the worst kept secret in the fitness industry: In order to achieve a flat or 6 pack stomach you need to eat a ‘clean diet’ Yes!! What a revelation – You are what you eat.!

Getting the correct balance between Cardio & Weight/Resistance Training is important but as I am sure you have heard before it is 80% Diet and 20% Exercise. Knowing how to stop and listen/understand your own body is also extremely important but with the busy lives most of us lead this is something that is constantly left wanting. FYI: It is OK to take time for yourself.

My Top 6 Tips To Achieving Those Abs:

1. Food Diary. You might think your being good until you see it on paper.
2. Exercise. Find a balance between cardio & resistance training. (HIIT)
3. Hydrate. Drink plenty of water.
4. Sleep. Learn how much you need per night in order to function each day.
5. Diet. Eat clean with good balance.
6. Mindset. Get to know yourself (mind & body)

Flat / Strong Core Workout
(Hold for 30 secs and complete 3 – 6 times depending on level)









Best of luck and if you try the workout let me know how it goes.

That’s So Shelly

How To Set And Hit Your Goals

How do you know if you have hit your goals if you don’t write them down? Studies have shown that you are much more likely to succeed in hitting your goals if you put them down on paper. If you are anything like me then you’ll have a million things running through your mind on a daily basis and for me I am always saying to myself ‘I must do that’ or ‘don’t forget about this or ‘I need to speak to someone about that’ and find myself a month later trying to remember all the things I said I was going to do but find I didn’t achieve half of what I ‘thought’ I was going to achieve.



Write down your goals


Accountability to yourself


You are statistically more likely to succeed


1. Go to the dentist
2. Exercise 4 days per week for minimum 40 mins per workout
3. Drink 2+ litres of water per day
4. Write 3 things I am thankful for every night before I go to sleep
5. Eat more veg especially green veg


Try to get into the habit of writing down your goals however big or small they may be. You might surprise yourself and achieve more than you thought you could in a shorter space of time.

That’s So Shelly


Love The Look – Steal It Here

Hi Ladies,

With Autumn/Winter kicking in it’s time to stock up the wardrobe with some of this seasons must haves and for me it’s all about the casual/comfortable look. Below are 2 looks that I am loving, they are both casual but stylish and I think are great to wear for a lunch date with the girls 🙂

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Simple Posture Workout

So many people are suffering from posture related ailments at the moment from neck to shoulder to lower back issues. Below are a few simple exercises that will help improve posture, re align the body and help relieve those aches and pains brought on from sitting, standing, driving to long ect. Introduce these exercises into your daily routine.

Hold each stretch for 30 – 60 secs.


Sitting Down




Standing Up




Kneeling Down




Lying Down



It’s time to sit up straight and be mindful of your body position when your sitting / standing / driving. Lift your chest, shoulders up-back-down, engage your core and breathe.

That’s So Shelly


My Personal Fitness Journey

I have been involved in the Fitness/Sports world my whole life, from playing football to basketball to karate to kickboxing I was involved in it all from a very young age. I grew up in a sporting household and like most Irish homes the GAA ruled the roost, luckily I too loved sport so it was easy for me to keep active and stay fit with all the sports I was involved in. I then began working in Gyms in Ireland when I was only 20yrs old which I remained working in until I was 30 so for me I never worried about my weight, the scales were never my enemy because quite frankly, I didn’t have time to put on weight and I was also a firm believer in the ‘I can eat what I want because I will never put on weight’ story I used to tell myself (clearly I was in my 20’s and stupid)

When I stopped working in the fitness industry and I stopped playing sports I found myself and my body in a very different place, a place that was alien to me having been fit and active my whole life. Now there’s a number of reasons why I stopped being as active as I normally was, new job, new boyfriend, new city, new experiences, new life really. I was enjoying life on ‘the other side’ as it were. I did dabble in bits and pieces in terms of exercise but I was by no means as active as I had been in the past. Inevitable my body changed, I put on weight and no longer fitted into the clothes I had.

The problem with weight changes is it doesn’t just effect the body, it effects the mind aswell and it wasn’t long before I became consumed with negative thoughts about how/why and when did I let myself ‘go’ like this and with the ‘Mind’ being so powerful it’s hard to challenge it and say ‘hang on a sec there ‘Mind’ it’s only a bit of weight, it doesn’t change who I am as a person okay!?’ This battle of the ‘mind’ has lasted for me about 2 years. The hard thing is when you are trained as a personal trainer and you know exactly what you need to do and how to do it and then you don’t go and ‘do it’ you then give yourself an even harder time of it.

Luckily I kicked my ‘minds’ ass and I am happily on the road to a healthier, happier and fitter me again and I am enjoying every minute of it. I also learned of the power of positive affirmations and how to ‘choose’ to be happy with myself so I can now focus on the positives of my journey and not the negatives. Below is just some pictures of my fitness/weight journey so far. It shows from when I was teaching and super fit, to putting on weight to getting back to a happy, comfortable place both in my body and in my mind.







My advice to anyone out there who is beating themselves about not being fit enough, skinny enough, not eating enough of the right foods, who is unhappy with how they look, this list could go on but my advice is to just please STOP!!! Just stop giving yourself such a hard time. You are the only person judging you so stop putting yourself down and start picking yourself up. Trust me – your MIND will thank you for it.

That’s So Shelly